Using git bisect with Django

So, you've just come back from holiday. A huge feature branch with hundreds of commits has been merged to develop, and your unit test is failing. You're not sure what has broken it - there are lots of model, view and library changes, and you don't want to spend the next week reading through commits to figure out what's broken.

Enter git bisect - a tool built into git which helps you find which commit introduced a bug.

You start by running git bisect start, and then telling bisect that the currently checked out commit is bad with git bisect bad.

git bisect start
git bisect bad

Then you find a commit which you know is good, for example the latest tagged release. You can use either a commit hash, branch or tag name.

git bisect good v2.1

Now, you simply tell git how to run the unit test you're interested in with the following syntax:

git bisect run python test project.tests.TestClass.test_name --noinput

Or if you're using nose this looks like:

git bisect run python test project.tests.test_filename:TestClass.test_name --noinput

Then git bisect does it's magic, performing binary search from your current commit to the broken one, eventually pinpointing which commit introduced the bug.

0b5c07c is the first bad commit

Then you can check out this commit, read through what changed, fix it, and take the rest of the week off!

Have a play and let me know what you think!